What'sour name

What does that mean?

"to remodel something for Namibian use"


We are a fully Namibian Technology firm. We make starting, branding and doing business online easy for Namibians. We hope to aid Namibians to be better represented in the eCommerce sectors

Our Vision

Our Vision is to see Namibians Function As A Fully Capable Ecommerce Nation, Trading With Each Other Directly And On Par with the world. ​

Our Mission

Our Mission Is To Give All Namibian Startups And Organisations An Online Presence In The Fastest, Easiest And Affordable Way.​


Brief History

We started as "Represent Namibia", or "Repnam". It was a Social Media movement for Namibians local and abroad. We managed to create an immense social fellowship across a multitude of platforms. Eventually, we became "Namibianise", an online community for Namibians to Socialise, Share Information, Opportunities and List links to their Business Websites. Necessitated by brand expansion, it later became "Namibianyze".

Our Services

Our web services evolved from classical Web hosting, static web design to cloud-hosted solutions. Automated opensource CMS deployment and customisation helped us reduce service delivery costs and time for our customers' benefit. To be a green business and to reduce costs, we phased out products in our inventory. For example, print magazines became eMags, formerly printed books and reports became eBooks, while our hand-crafted invites became eVites.

The future

Although slightly modified for a Namibian context, Our technology services aim to be of a global standard or better. We constantly seek new ways to innovate for the betterment of Namibians.



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